Chocolate- Tahini Linzer Cookies from Bon Appetit

I hope this time in Christmas- New Years Eve limbo has been treating you well! This is always the weirdest part of the holiday season, and I often find myself feeling a little lost! I’ve never been a huge New Years Eve person, but Christmas is one of my favorite days of the year! I’m trying to cope with it being over but I’m not letting go yet!

Enter these Chocolate Tahini Linzer Christmas Cookies from Bon Appetit! I made these cookies as gifts this year and they did not disappoint. The recipe calls for dark, milk and white chocolate but I did not have that type of time! So, I just used dark cocoa powder for the cookie and milk chocolate for the chocolate-tahini filling. I also used Sugar in the Raw, which has a golden brown hue, rather than bright white sanding sugar. I’d like to say I made this substitution for a profound reason, but I really just wanted to use up the giant box of Sugar in the Raw that I already had! I do love how the caramel colored sugar looks though!

These cookies are truly show-stopping and beautiful, but are so much simpler to make than they look! These would be an amazing addition to a New Years Eve party spread, especially in a star shape!

So- join me in keeping a little bit of the holidays alive in this strange limbo period, and make these sensational Chocolate Tahini Linzer Cookies to ring in 2019!


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